Judith Wurm

My name is Judith Wurm and I am the founder and chairman of THE HELPING PEOPLE Foundation.

Social projects have been my passion for a long time. As a qualified social educator, I went into positions of responsibility early on so that I could shape projects and concepts with important content and advance ideas. The focus was mostly on young people, their start-up possibilities, their opportunities and their participation in social life. For 15 years I was able to gain valuable experience.

Immediately before joining THE HELPING PEOPLE, I was the integration officer for the city of Wolfsburg, dealing with people and issues related to immigration and flight. I am deeply moved that people risk their lives and those of their children on an unknown flight. War, hunger, persecution and the hope for a better life move people to take this uncharted path. Then there is climate change - here, too, poorer regions of our planet are already more affected than richer regions. It is clear that the reasons for seeking refuge will not decrease in the future.

Everything I have learned as a social education worker and integration officer, much of what I know about connections in world affairs and the link with life in Germany, I will bring to THE HELPING PEOPLE together with Marian, develop further and help shape future possibilities.

Mein wichtigstes Anliegen dabei ist, Nachhaltigkeit in das Zentrum unserer Hilfsprojekte als wichtige Kennzahl zu fokussieren.

Unsere Kinder sollen mit offenen Augen und Herzen durchs Leben gehen. Mir ist wichtig, meinen Beitrag für einen lebenswerten Planeten und für ein verantwortungsvolles Miteinander zu geben.

The opportunity to actually shape change and make a difference with other people motivates me in my work with THE HELPING PEOPLE!

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