Planting the right trees in the right places, with good aftercare - is important! In Germany, a tree costs more from purchase to planting and management than in countries outside Europe. We don't want to plant trees as cheaply as possible - we want to plant trees sustainably for the future!

We have therefore decided to plant trees here and in other areas of Germany; namely in places, where reforestation is necessary and sensible and sustainable.

Our Helping People | THE DONORS

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Area of activity: Germany, Harz National Park

Donation volume: The project volume in 2021 was €40,000, funded by The HELPING PEOPLE Foundation and Gutsmiedl Naturprodukte GmbH. With this amount, it was possible to plant 5000 trees in Germany and guarantee the aftercare for 99 years.

Organisations involved: PLANT-MY-TREE, a foundation from Germany with 30 years of experience in reforestation projects.


All people in Germany

The forest dieback in Harz moves us. It is close to home; so, in recent years, we have witnessed the negative change caused by storms, the bark beetle and monoculture.

Trees and forests are of high importance for the climate; they absorb CO2, release oxygen and contribute to keeping the earth’s temperatures stable. Forests promote biodiversity by providing a habitat for numerous plants and animals.

Every tree is important, even if it has to grow for at least 10 years before it absorbs CO². A tree is an investment in the future!

The donors are offered reforestation areas all over Germany. They can carry out planting campaigns themselves. PLANT-MY-TREE takes over the entire organisation: From purchasing plants, to staff acquisition, agreements with the forestry office and the aftercare of the trees for at least 99 years.

  • Long-term storage of Co²
  • Support of the native flora and fauna
  • Support of biodiversity
  • Sustainable reforestation in Germany moves more into the social focus 



As an economically highly developed country, Germany serves as a role model for many countries around the world. The high quality of life is perceived by many people worldwide. Therefore, many developments in Germany can have a signal effect for other regions in the world.


Many projects in Germany that concern climate and nature protection have an impact worldwide. Our projects here aim to slow down climate change globally and to be lighthouse projects that can be imitated worldwide in a modified form.

Education and future

The education system in Germany is well-developed, even if the Pisa results were not always first-class. This is however true in a global comparison. We therefore support education projects in Germany only if they have an impact on countries, where the education system is much less developed.


Our society is built on integration and tolerance. Unfortunately, this self-evident fact does not apply in many countries around the world. And yet, these two building blocks are the basic framework that makes peaceful coexistence possible. We therefore support projects that promote integration and tolerance, not only in Germany.