Wanja Greuel

Hallo, ich bin Wanja Greuel und habe die große Freude und Ehre,  CEO des BSC Young Boys zu sein, dem Fußballclub aus der Schweizer Hauptstadt Bern. Es war immer ein Traum von mir, einmal für einen Fußballclub zu arbeiten. Und jetzt wirke ich in führender Rolle beim BSC Young Boys Bern. Das ist großartig!

I have always tried to stand up for my beliefs, followed my path consistently and gained many valuable experiences in the process.

Values were and are important to me: Respect, tolerance, peace, friendship and passion - no matter what you do. On this basis, together with my good friends Shiraz Naeem and Tommy Köhler, the idea was born to do something good. In 2015, we founded CHARITY CIRCLE with the aim of making small things better in the lives of others.

We are proud to financially support a SCHOOL UNDER THE SKY for street children in Dhaka for the year 2022.

I am a HELPING PEOPLE helper because networks make you strong and expand your possibilities!

29.06.2020; Bern; Fussball Super League - Medienkonferenz BSC Young Boys; CEO Wanja Greuel (YB) und Torhueter Marco Woelfli (YB) (Claudio de Capitani/freshfocus)