Stefan Eishold

I am Stefan Eishold, I studied business administration and was allowed to do my MBA
at a prestigious university.

I have been on the board of ARCUS Capital AG since 2005 and have accompanied many exciting companies in their growth as an investor and partner.

Several things are important to me in my life. My family, of course, and also doing good for people who have less and need more.

I am socially involved in different positions and various projects.
For example, I attend my home church congregation as a lay preacher.

I know THE HELPING PEOPLE through Marian. Again, the profession plays a role, because that's how we met.

I heard about the idea and wanted to be part of it right away. It makes me proud that through my donation already in 2021 and also in 2022 a "School under the Sky"
will help street children in Dhaka in their lives and enable first educational basics.

stefan eishold