Michael Jonas

Hello, I am Michael Jonas. After my training as a tax clerk, I completed my business studies at Saarland University and the University College Dublin. After a longer period with KPMG, I have been self-employed as an auditor and tax consultant in Frankfurt for several years and accompany medium-sized entrepreneurs throughout their career.
I have freely chosen a profession that gives me much pleasure and that fulfils me.
I am aware that there are many people who cannot do this. They don't even have a choice. That is why I am a supporter of THE HELPING PEOPLE.

I want to do something good, to help shape the programme's content. What excites me about the foundation is the fact that I can directly support the projects that interest me personally through my connection to the foundation's board of directors. Moreover, due to the lean structure of the foundation, it is assured that "every euro goes where it is needed". This is particularly important to me.

michael jonas