Timo Abid

I'm Timo Abid. Founder, partner and long time CEO of detailM, one of the leading agency groups in performance marketing, which I founded 15 years ago with my partner Valentin.

It was an exciting and thrilling journey that I started at a young age and was able to grow a lot personally.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and all the experiences I have had, and I would like to work to ensure that children in Afghanistan - despite war and terror - can also embark on their personal development journey.

My donation therefore goes to a local school project, so that children there also have the opportunity for education, with which they can pursue and realize their professional dreams. The idea is implemented locally by THE HELPING PEOPLE in cooperation with the NGO "Bildung für Kinder in Afghanistan e. V.".

I look forward to seeing the project grow and witnessing in pictures when children attend a school I am personally privileged to support.

Timo Abid