Wanja Greuel und Stefan Eishold im Interview


Double interview with Wanja Greuel and Stefan Eishold - donors of the "School under the sky".

  1. Hello Stefan and Wanja, we are very happy that we could win you as HELPING PEOPLE! How did you hear about THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION?

    Stefan Eishold: „The contact to THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION came through Marian Wurm. Marian and I are connected by a professional cooperation. When he told me about the idea and vision of THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION, I immediately wanted to join and support it as well."

    Wanja Greuel: „It's similar for me. Marian and I got to know each other through our shared passion for social commitment. Then he told me specifically about the School Under The Sky project and made it clear to me that further support was needed to make it a reality."

  2. Wanja, as CEO of BSC Young Boys you are a recognized expert in the sports business and have already achieved a lot in your life - including winning numerous championships. What are your reasons for getting involved as a HELPING PEOPLE and supporting projects around the world?

    Wanja Greuel: „I have experienced support from many different people along the way who have shaped me. That has made me who I am today. It also helped me land my dream job in professional soccer. I would now like to give this support to other people and give something back to society. With my donation to THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION, I have found another way for me “to do good” and provide targeted support."


  3. Stefan, with your generous donation you have made an important contribution to the implementation of the "School Under The Sky" project in Dhaka in Bangladesh - a low-threshold education and care program for street children. Why did you choose this project?

    Stefan Eishold: „Through THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION I got a very formative impression of the everyday life of street children in Dhaka. The idea of the "School Under The Sky" sets important accents and offers children and young people a perspective. Access to education creates the opportunity for social participation. At the same time, the children and young people here have the opportunity to take a short but nevertheless important break and recover from the conditions of life on the streets. For me, this project is special because young people are given a perspective and thus gain confidence in themselves and their abilities."


  4. The donors, as essential support for the implementation of projects, are elementary for THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION. Accordingly, great importance is attached to a transparent and trusting cooperation. How could THE HELPING PEOPLE gain your trust and how did you feel about the donation process, Wanja?

    Wanja Greuel: „THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION convinced me with its reliable and transparent approach.The people involved know the situation of the people on site very well and choose the aid projects very carefully. I was always informed about the current state of affairs and the next steps. The focus topics of the foundation and thus the selected projects testify to a high level of know-how, so that I felt my donation was at the right address at all times."


  5. Stefan, thinking about the future.... Could you imagine supporting further projects and do you perhaps have concrete plans in mind?

    Stefan Eishold: „For me, the School Under The Sky project was just the beginning. I would definitely like to support other projects and thereby contribute my share to a better future. I don't have a concrete project in mind yet, but THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION will certainly present many more great ideas. I'm happy to be part of it and I'm very excited to see what's to come."

  6. THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION was founded in 2021 and is still in its infancy - what do you think it will take to continue the foundation's positive start and get more people excited about the projects?

    Stefan Eishold: „An important cornerstone will be the growth of the foundation. If more donations are generated, then motivated and committed people are needed to support the foundation and contribute to a positive development. This is a challenge that THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION will face with confidence."

    Wanja Greuel: „
    It also needs the already proven commitment, the heart and soul and the clear view to inspire further donors. However, I am absolutely convinced that THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION will be able to motivate more people in the coming years and that important projects can be implemented as a result."

Project introduction "School Under The Sky "

The "School Under The Sky" is a low-threshold education and care program for street children from Dhaka in Bangladesh. With the help of educational specialists, the children learn the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. On the other hand, it is a supervised retreat to escape from everyday life, which is characterized by violence, assaults, drugs, exploitation and illness. Here the children can rest, play with others and take part in group therapy sessions. They also receive a full meal and basic medical care. The meeting place is open four days a week for four hours each day. The pedagogical staff tries to reintegrate the children into their families of origin or to place them in public schools. They also carry out outreach work outside the "School Under The Sky". In addition, workshops are offered and active assistance is provided to help young people start their own businesses. Street children who are particularly at risk are placed in professionally run orphanages.  

THE HELPING PEOPLE FOUNDATION supports the project with a donation volume of 70,000€. This will fully finance two "Schools Under The Sky" at two locations for three years.